12KV Outdoor/Indoor On Load Isolator Pannel (Load Break Switch)

The load Break Fuse Switch (LBFS) is used to make and break the normal rated current and to make the short circuit currents. The design of LBFS is compact, user friendly and reliable in operation. Our Load Break Switches are type tested in accordance with IS 9920/IEC 60205.

The LBFS manufactured by us are suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor applications, for switching of Transformers, Condensers, Cables etc. Our LBFS is approved by MSPWD to be used in various Industries, Commercial complexes, residential apartments etc.

Spring-Spring Mechanism for LBS IP54, Width: 600mm, Fuse Trip Mechanism, STC: 25KA/1Sec, Busbar: Copper / Aluminium, 630A Top Bushing (conductor connection), Incoming cum Outgoing / Cable in Cable Out, Multi-panel Switchboards


  • Compact design
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor application
  • Trip free spring operated mechanism
  • Suitable interlocks for operator safety
  • Easy motor operated mechanism(optional)
  • Mechanism is suitable for remote operation (Optional)
  • Self powered numerical relay with CT can be provided with coordination of fuses for Tripping (optional)
  • Easy replacement of HRC fuses
  • Completely door closed operation for operator safety
  • Reliable & robust mechanism
  • Live line indicators

12KV Outdoor/Indoor On Load Isolator Panel (Load Break Switch)

Safety & Interlocks:

  • Mechanical interlocks are provided between main switch & earth switch in such a way that the earth switch can be closed only when the main switch is in open condition & vice versa.
  • Acess to the HT HRC fuses are not possible when the main switch is on condition.
  • All the live parts are on Rear side hence more safety to the operator.

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage 12KV
Rated Current 400/630A
Rated Short time current 26.3KA for 1 Sec.
Rated Peak withstand Capacity 62.5 KAP
Type of Brake Air Break
Rated Insulation Level 28KV/75KVP
Rated Frequency 50 Hz.
No. Of Poles 3
No. Breaks / Pole Single
Overall Dimensions 600 x 1100 x 1750 (WxDxH)
Approx Weight 300 Kgs.