12KV Multi panel Switchboard VCB - LBS Combination

ABB Make VCB Vmax/VD4

12KV LBS as Incommer & Fixed type VCB as out going as per customer requirement with standard control panel available, IP54 STC: 25KA/1Sec, 31.5KA/1Sec, 40KA/1Sec, Busvar: Copper / Aluminium, upto 2000A Top Bushing (Conductor connection), Incoming cum Outgoing / Cable in Cable Out, Multi Panel Switchboards

12 KV outdoor/indoor switchboard with combination of fixed VCB and LBS with HT Fuse protection

With Incomer as ABB and/or LBS with Fuse and Outgoing as VCB and/or LBS with Fuse

Make VCB Completely customized upto 5 configuration of Fully assembled at factory Ease of operation & Commisioning.

12KV Multi Panel Switchboard
VCB - LBS Combination